2020 Reflection


There has been a time of reflection in the new year. I have been designing & making new stock for the Timoney design side of my practice, with new pieces in a number of shops. I have also been doing some workshops in Kent University with Students.

I love walking an looking at nature.  I get  inspiration from nature which informs everything I make.


An now we are in ‘A new normal’ as the media keep telling us.  It’s a bit weird to say the least. I am concerned with how much mental health damage this will create for people. I fear the damage will be greater than the virus. I am exploring elements I looked at before like the role food has on people. I see the level of co-morbidity linked to C-19.  Most of which are self inflicted problems.  Yet nothing from the government encouraging healthy eating in the lockdown.  There has been no rise in the level of fruit and vegetables consumed in the last 10 years.  I am thinking how this time is making me feel and how I express it through making. Using this ‘new time’ I  need to work on how I can sell my work now too, and will need to get my head around the online world, get a good portfolio together.


I think at some point I would like to work with the Almshouses again.  I think they will need something positive to look forward to in their isolation. The residents are mostly older people and people with mental health issues.  There are so many older people on their own, I know many here. I need to work out a cunning plan to connect people. Stay in/Get out and start living again? From speaking to an older friend he thinks he will never get out again? How do we help this line of thought? Mental health impact?

mens hats

Lastest selection of mens/gender neutral hats. Plenty of time for experimenting with beautiful fabrics and new ideas.




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open studio 2019

Conquer Climate Change



conquer climate change

Open Studio at the Oyster Bay House. A great exhibition space with more than 300 people each weekend. A group of six showing varied work. I made a number of pieces including an executive toy which was big and awkward for the floor made from conkers. I called  it ‘Conquer Climate change’. I liked the idea of playing with conkers to highlight where you travel from Childhood, where conkers gave great pleasure, if only the executives would only still feel the same way about them rather than destroy their world, is it greed?

Another environmental piece was ‘Don’t keep calm and carry on’ reflecting on the denial that we tend to have in relation to climate, not a time to carry on doing the same old things waiting for someone else to make a difference, because what can we do to make a difference!? I like the play of using the tray cloth which is very proper and very much a link to the past. Isn’t it time to get angry about the destruction of our planet?

keep calm smll

I have an allotment and I like to look at what I have left at the end of the season to make an art piece out of. This year it was stringing all my borlotti bean shells into a creepy crawly, which I attached to a branch. I like to place work in places that some people may see or not?  You have to look up for this work. I like the fact the industrial  pillar made of iron is carrying this fragile structure. Reflecting for me a how delicate the natural world is against the big strong industrial world.


creepy crawly 2

I also had my bespoke design hats on display and Jewellery. The good mix of what I do reflecting my best practise.  The feedback was good with a number of sales and lovely comments. My hats are certainly ‘slow fashion’ and I was working on them when I was invigilating and had some good conversations with people viewing.


mixed group smll

autumn wear tweeds

Lots of new designs and working towards a number of Winter fairs a busy time of year. For 2020 I am going to look at design ideas for men’s hats and see what I can come up with.

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Open Studio 2018

jane in seedsmall

A great Open studio at The Oyster Bay house, Lots of visitors over the weekend, with 350 people to explore our work. I made a few new pieces for the space. I was really pleased with ‘seedheads’ a work made from an artichoke plant in my garden.  I noticed the beauty of the seeds that were flying out of it when it went to seed.  I thought what can I do to highlight its beauty. I was happy with the piece and the way people interacted with it. It looked wonderful in the changing light of the day.  I  made a piece about ‘fast fashion’ on dressmakers pattern paper. Also another stitched piece saying ‘ who controls your algorithms’ The stitching was hard to see in the  piece reflecting the idea. I embroidered another small canvas ‘do we really care’ an environmental piece on the state of the bee population and insects in general.



Getting work ready for open studio this year my work will be in a new space. Oyster Bay House on the creekside in Faversham, Iron wharf. A great space to exhibit. I have been exploring many topics that inspire me, both environmental and also touching on politics and AI. October 20th/21st are the dates for the open studio.

Working on a selection of hats and accessories for the the Winter markets. Lenham mid-winter market is on the 17th/18th November. A great tithe barn with lots of lovely stalls to visit. December brings Christmas markets in Faversham.

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Making and Plotting

This year so far has been a busy time for experimentation. Both in making and growing vegetables on my allotment. Growth and the natural environment is a big inspiration to my artwork and also in my use of colour.
An interesting Summer creating and making new pieces for winter Fayres. This year I have a number booked, Farnham maltings being a new two day venture at the end of October 28th and 29th, looking forward to that. Then lenham Cloth and Clay is back with their two day Fayre,November 18th/19th . Faversham Christmas markets and Kings School fayre to name a few.
Also exhibitions at the Purifier for the hop festival with Ruth Payne September 2nd/3rd. Later for the Open studios sharing the space with two other artists. Open studios is on 14th/15th and 21/22nd this year, open 11 to 4 on both days, we are only doing two weekends this year.
So lots to do!
Also playing uke with the Market Inn Strummers having had a number of successful gigs so far this year! Then there is dancing so much to do so little time!

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Artists Open studios at the purifier October

October was a busy month with Artists Open Studios at the Purifier. I shared the space with three other artists.
A mixture of interesting work. I had some small paintings, environmental works and my hats and jewellery. This represents what I am currently working on. small art

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Rebellious & Pure Art July 2016

July was a very busy month with a inpromtu ‘rebellious’ intervention as part of the JAM on the Marsh. It was a very successful event with many taking part in our ‘Blindspot’reBELLious intermission, all receiving a postcard with their sound piece printed out to takeaway as an artwork to go!

The purifer building hosted a group of four of us to show a selection of work for their open houses weekends. I made a selection of work largely environmental based in relation to the creekside which runs along the purifier building. There was also a piece that I had to make to comment on Brexit!

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Rarebreeds Hattery 2016

This year I collaborated with Kim Barnicott to create the ‘Rarebreeds hattery’ for the the 3rd Faversham hat festival, Easter weekend. This work was an installation based in the Alexander centre. Set up in the foyer for people to interact and try to tame and wear a rarebreed, it was a multi-sensory installation with birdsong and a wild natural garden for the rare breeds to feel safe in!

It was great fun and got people to commune with the lesser spotted hats that exist in our community!


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Broken Tears Festival

pooster 6-page-001

Broken Tears Festival in Amsterdam is the next event. I am presenting work from the ‘thread of life’ series I am working on and speaking about my work.

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Pure Art at the Purifier Building

singing circle

An exhibition at the Purifier Building with five other artists. We are responding in our own way to the building,  and the surrounding creekside. pureart Singing circle – This is an installation that enquires your participation. Stand in the centre and sing a song, or read the words like a poem aloud.  They are all songs linked to the sea and sailing. Stand in the middle of the work and have a go! singing circle Bee Box – When we are ambling or sailing around the creek, the bees are busy collecting and making. Where would we be without the bees? It is a delicate balance just like this box made from bees wax; feel free to have a have a look inside. bee box 1 Magna Carta 2020 – Another opportunity to see this rare work which has just been uncovered from the back of a cupboard in Faversham. See it close up at the purifier building. It is very relevant in this context as the Creek Trust are trying to hold back the buildings of houses all over our creekside. magna carta 2020 small A busy weekend coming up with this exhibition and a gig at the nautical festival, where the ‘Market Inn Strummers‘ will be playing some of the their favourite sailing tunes to the masses. The Festival runs over Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th of July. 12pm to 7pm, we are on at 4pm saturday.

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Magna Carta 2020?

As the Magna Carta is the celebration of the year and here in Faversham we have our very own.  I uncovered a version for the duration of the Magna Carta exhibition in the Alexander Centre. This Magna Carta is looking into the future, but is it the future we want ? Catch this rare document on display from June 5th to the 28th in Bowstring bookshop, Preston street, Faversham.

magna seal

magna bowstring

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Hats on…..Cloth & Clay


grey bucklesmll

sloppyjoesmll cotswold tweed greenbluesmll light blue eve beretgreensmllpurple felt smallblueside detailhatinator tantweedbucklesmallerfelt earrings small

blue choker

C&C smallest 2016.jpg

November 22nd and 23rd Cloth & Clay is on at lenham Tithe Barn…a wonderful building with many wonderful artworks and crafts for sale.

I have a large selection of hats, Banna-cinns and jewellery for the person who wants something different and does not want to meet themselves walking down the street. All my pieces are unique one offs…available at the ‘Hat shop’ in West street, Faversham and ‘Town and Country’ Monaghan, Ireland.

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Response at Maidstone museum

Response is the next exhibition taking place at Maidstone museum in response to the some of the work on display there. Making Art Works are a artists co-op group that I am part of. We are responding in our different media to the museum itself or it collections. The show starts on the 8th of November til the 29th.

My piece is called ‘Do you really want to hurt me’

do you smll      do you really want to hurt smll

This work is a direct response to the birds on display in the museum. It is linking the way that collectors thought they could take what they wanted for their displays. This practice is still going on today. The framed cushion is playing with the idea of the luxury of the time for the classes that explored. This cushion however is not filled with feathers, but instead with plastics. This is a direct reference to the way birds are being killed now by the high levels of plastic waste that is piling into the oceans. Birds and general wildlife are feeding on this detritious and dying. This is a result of all our waste & consumerism.. ….. do yousmll    dddo you  dodo youhttps://i2.wp.com/makingart-work.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/response-flyer-lo-res1.jpg

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Open studios

leaf circlesmll

As part of the Canterbury festival in October open artists studios was a great success. With work in both the Physics Garden and the Purifer Building in Faversham. Both these venues are new to the open studio trial. It was great to place artwork in these wonderful settings. The Physics garden is a ‘hidden gem’ in Faversham and open to the public. I had a selection of empheral work on display and a few strange growths.

growthsmll  redsticksmll  wiresmll

The Purifer building is a super building being established to continue the wonderful tradition of boat building & maritime skills that are assoicated with the creek and Faversham. This was a good location for my painted teabags installation and they hung in the kitchen area beside the vintage tea urn, a perfect setting.

mixed small   redssmall   foursailssmall

yellow sailssmall

hangsmll  ringsmll  hangings

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photo gallery


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Arts Festival – Faversham

Arts Festival - Favershammincin’

new work made for the Arts Festival which is being held in June……….we are taking over Macknades Fine Foods……….this is a very large Farm Shop and restaurant with many spaces to show work…here are a selection of the experiments I am working on….The idea of bringing art to the people is very exciting….


Also made an installation piece called ‘snug’ for The Brewery Tap Gallery in Folkestone for June 7th…creating an interactive piece based on old pub songs that were sung around the piano…placing the songs on old postcards from yesteryear related to beer for people to sing in their own snug area..beer mats from around Europe & piano keys will hang from a large wooden hoop to create a curtain to enclose them in their own sound installation..
drinking songs

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Make do and Mend

This work is one of a series of individual leaves that could have blown into a room and become stuck in certain areas; the only difference is if and when they are noticed by the onlooker that they are mended. This work reflects the fragility of nature and how we tend to walk all over it and not really consider it. The series was first exhibited at the Marine Studio gallery in Margate for their ‘Insect World’ exhibition.

The latest series was seen at the purifer building for Canterbury  ‘open Studios’ in Faversham 2014.

A number of this series were on exhibition in ‘ Art in Ashford’  with the Ashford Visual Artists at St. Mary’s Church in the centre of Ashford 4-9 June, 10am – 5pm. This exhibition was part of the Jubilee celebrations 2012.

Artists Open studions 2012  had a selection of new mended leaves on display, also some trial pieces on lichen. The Private view was on Friday the 12th and was a great evening, there was an interactive piece passed around the guests to encourage new encounters. Open studios is on over the next three weekends as part of the Canterbury festival sat/sun 13th/14th,20th/21th,27th and 28th October.  The venue is Tassells Solicitors 20 West Street, Faversham.

The next exhibition for ‘make do and Mend’ is for the ‘Red’ exhibition at Gallery no. 23. union street Maidstone . The work has been shortlisted for this exhibition and the opening is on the 16th of November for four weeks. This is a great new venue that the’ making arts work’ group have accquired for artist studios and exhibition spaces for contemporay work.

The lastest series of work linked to lichen on paper is on display as part of the South East Open Studios at WestEnd House Gallery Smarden, Kent. This exhibition is on until June 24th 2013.  Gallery open thursday to Monday. Next outing for a new series of ‘mended leaves’ Stour Valley Arts exhibition Gifts from the Forest 22nd November to December 22nd.


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New jewellery pieces

Find new pieces of sterling silver jewellery like this one on display at Creek Creative  Gallery Faversham Kent .

I  have also made  jewellery for many years. I use silver wire, electric cable, felt and wool to create one off pieces that are like mini sculptures in themselves. I like the quirky sense of fun which is reflected in my jewellery work. I have made a series of new work this year which is in a numbers of galleries (Stark  Gallery Canterbury, Creek Creative Faversham, West End  gallery Smarden Kent) and  Mosaic whitstable. Also there will be a selection on display at the AVA exhibition in Ashford on the 4th of June at St Mary’s Church.

We had a great private view for   artists open houses at Tassells solicitors 20 West Street Faversham, where I had a piece called ‘wire me’ which I passed around the guests throughout the evening, it had it’s own label explaining that you had to where it in some way and then pass it on to someone you didn’t know…….the open studios ran over three weekend with many visitors.

The next outing for my jewellery  and a new venture into hats  will be at the AVA art fair at the beautiful Godinton House in Ashford. This is on for 3 days starting on November 30th, Dec 1st and 2nd. The Fair is open from 11a.m to 4p.m. Entry is free and it is a lovely event with a good variety of work from fellow artists in AVA. This was a very successful weekend……………next is the  ‘Theme Events’  Christmas art market where a group of 12 artists will being selling their work  in Maidstone high street from the 17th of  Dec until the 23rd…………..hats also available now at Creek Creative….now 2013 – dresses and other wearable pieces available at various art fairs check here for details, next  A La Mode Fair May 10th 2013. ‘Best of  Faversham’ First Saturday of every month Preston Street Faversham……Cloth & Clay Fair in Lenham Kent in November, a lovely fair with many local artists work, I will be selling my hats there on the 23rd & 24th…hope to see you there

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What the wind blows in…

What the wind blows in

This installation piece was exhibited for the first time in the Tin Church Open studios Faversham. The piece is based on a slice of life living on the coast; the pieces of paper are randomly stitched with images that you find in the area. The work was at the entrance of the church and the public walked through to access the work.

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Siobhán’s installations…

My installations are often ephemeral and can be temporary in nature;  I likes the notion of changing environments.   I work with natural and manmade materials. The work tends to be multi-sensory. I  like to make work that tries to engage and include the participation of the public in some way. I have always been put off by the ‘do not touch’ signs in art galleries.  This has inspired me to create work that the audience can interact with in more than just a visual way.   Some of the skills I uses to create contemporary pieces are linked to older crafts such as French knitting, felting and sewing but using them in an unconventional way. (what the wind blows in..)

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Christmas Fayres

Lenham mid-winter market is on the 14th/15th/16th November.

Esty shop Timoneydesign

Amazon handmade shop

Reward Projects

Stock in Pearl & Hemingway Whitstable

Workshops in the University of Kent

Work in Creek Creative Gallery

Creek Creative Christmas Emporium January


Christmas markets

Esty fair Canterbury

Creek Creative Christmas Emporium December

Esty shop

Amazon handmade shop

Summer Stock in Pearl & Hemingway Whitstable

Reward projects

Donnington UKE Festival – Market strummers

Workshops throughout Kent

Hat design & marketing of timoneydesign


Creek Creative Christmas Emporium 4th -17th December

Faversham Christmas markets

hand made midwinter market Lenham tithe barn November

Open studio – The Oyster bay house October.

Workshops throughout Kent.

Rewards projects.

Hat festival April

Timoneydesign making

Donnington UKE Festival – Market strummers

Big Local ‘Darford’


Cloth & Clay November 2017

Farnham Maltings craft fair October 2017

Christmas markets

Open studios October 2017 at the Purifier.

Work in progress Hat Festival Easter 2017

Jewellery workshops and hat workshops Kent

Big Local ‘Darford’


Reward projects throughout Kent

Jumpers for Goal Posts various workshops.


Christmas fair at Creek Creative & Christmas Street Markets.

Canterbury festival – Faversham Open Studios at the  purifier building October 22nd/23rd/29th &30th.

Invisible dancing with protein dance part of B0ing festival August 26th.

JAM on the Marsh – ‘Rebellious’ blindspot intervention July 15th

Open Houses Art exhibiton at the Purifer building, Faversham, July 16th, 23rd and 30th.

Donnington UKE Festival – Market Inn strummers June 11th.

Faversham Hat festival – ‘Rarebreeds hattery’ installation with Kim Barnicott at Alexander centre Faversham -Easter weekend. 27th March.

Hat making workshop ‘ pimp a hat’ at the Anchor pub Favesham tuesday 22nd March

Market Inn strummers playing at the Hat festival Easter Saturday.

Big Local Dartford ‘The big Event’ May 31st,June 3rd & 11th

Hat collections ‘ The Hat shop’ west street Faversham Kent and ‘Gillanders Town & country’ Monaghan, Ireland.

Jewellery collection Creek Creative Faversham Kent.

Workshops throughout Kent


Cloth & Clay Mid-winter fair November 21st/22nd.

‘Broken Tears’ Festival Amsterdam October10th work from ‘the thread of life’ series.

Hop Festival Faversham – Market Inn Strummers playing at the West Street Stage sunday 6th September.

Singing Circle Artwork responding to the Purifier building …………

Nautical festival Faversam – Market Inn Strummers July 4th

July 1st to 8thin conjunction with nautical festival. Magna Carta 2020 –  a response to this special year. A vision of the future on display in venues throughout Kent.

Hat making workshop at the guild hall in Faversham April 3rd for the ‘The Hat Festival’ Hat festival workshops at the Almshouse Faversham and the youth club at West Faversham community centre march 24th and 25th.

Jewellery collection Creek Creative gallery shop.

Hat collections ‘ The Hat shop’ west street Faversham Kent and ‘Gillanders Town & country’ Monaghan, Ireland.

Workshops throughout Kent


Making Art Works exhibition ‘ Response’ at the Benliff Gallery Maidstone Museum November 8th to the 29th.

Cloth & Clay Mid-winter fair november 22nd and 23rd.

Commission for ‘Neighbours’ by Ideas Test – Creative People & Place(MarchOctober)

‘Bags of time’ for Open Studios at the Purifer Building Faversham October.

Environmental pieces at the Physics Garden October for Canterbury festival ‘ open studios’.

Working on new pieces for exhibition with AVA exhibition ‘Crossing Places’ Horsebridge gallery Whitstable September.

Making Art Works exhibition ‘ On Tap’at the Brewery Tap Gallery Folkestone Kent June Installation work – ‘Snug’.

Workshops thoroughout Kent.

Workshops at West Faversham Youth Consortium. New Collection of Hats at ‘The Hat Shop’ Faversham.

Collection of Hats at Gillanders Town & Country Monaghan Town, Ireland.

Hat making workshops with Davington Primary school for the Hat Festival in Faversham Easter Saturday.

New pieces for the Arts festival in Faversham June 7th – 14th 2014.

Creative workshops for the West Faversham Youth club for the Hat Festival.

Blindspot intervention – ‘What is it’ Faversham Arts festival.

Youth Catalyst Ideas Test Swale & Medway.

New jewellery collection at Creek Creative gallery Faversham Kent


Gifts from the Forest exhibition Stour Valley Arts Ashford November 21st to December 22nd.

Stuffists exhibition: Garden of Delights Creek Creative & St Mary’s Church (Nov/Dec) . Cloth & Clay Mid-winter market, the tithe barn lenham, Kent November 23rd & 24th.

Youth Catalyst for Creative People & Places Swale & Medway.

Collection of Hats at Gillanders Town & Country Monaghan Town, Ireland.

Carvinal workshops for Medway school. Jewellery & 3d workshops for Reward Projects thorughout Kent.

Arts Award adviser for Future Steps for Isle of Sheppey Academy.

Working on new collections for galleries and art fairs A la mode fair (May & December) Collection of Lichen pieces for AVA SEOS exhibition at Westend House gallery Smarden (June) New collection at Creek Creative gallery Faversham Kent. Ashford Visual Artists artfair Godinton House Ashford, Kent.(dec)


Blindspot ‘paperchain’ intervention with the people in Maidstone looking at Christmas.Displayed through December at Gallery No. 23. Ashford Visual Artists artfair Godinton House Ashford, Kent (Dec) New series of mended leaves for ‘Red’ exhibition at the new gallery ‘no. 23’ in Maidstone (November/Dec) Set design for Creek Trust event at the Alexander Centre Faversham 3D workshops at Gallery No. 23 for the Making Art work ‘Extravaganza day’(Dec) Art market Maidstone High Street (Dec) Work on sale for Maidstone museum artfair . (November) Artist facilitator for creative enrichment days at Leeds and Broomfield primary school. Junk art workshops throughout kent. New collection for Canterbury Festival- Faversham Open studios.(October) New work in Stark Gallery, Canterbury, Kent. Work in Creek Creative Gallery, Faversham, Kent. New work in West End House Gallery, Smarden, Kent. Jewellery collection in Mosiac, Whitstable, Kent. New work for ‘Art in Ashford ‘exhibition with AVA, Ashford, Kent. (June) Working on a collection for Growth exhibition with ‘Blindspot’ 2013. Blindspot intervention for London Biennial – ‘The Alternative Version’ (July)


Project managed art-event at the Tin Church, Faversham, Kent. (November) Bay Art Gallery ‘TEN’ exhibition, Kent. (June) Community workshops for enrichment days on all Hadlow agriculture college sites, Kent. Artist in residence for ‘outdoor learning project’ at Bean Primary school Bean Kent. Artist in residence at Skinner Street Primary school Gillingham. Artist in residence at St Georges CofE secondary school Broadstairs. Blindspot ‘sidings’ art intervention in Sittingbourne, Kent. (May) Project management of four creative partnership schools across Kent. Work in Stark Gallery, Canterbury,Kent.


Canterbury Festival, Installation ‘what the wind blows in.’ open studios exhibition, Faversham,(October) Collection at Articulation Gallery, Faversham, Kent. Make Do & Mend Exhibition, Marine studios, Margate, Kent (April) Jewellery Collection at Stark Gallery, Canterbury & London. Artist in residence at Charles Dickens secondary school Broadstairs. Artist in residence at St Georges CofE school Broadstairs. Artist in residence at Ellington infants school Ramsgate. Artist in residence at River Primary school, Dover. Project management of 5 creative partnership school projects in Sittingbourne, northfleet and Broadstairs, Kent. CPD for KCC youth workers in various art media.


Christmas Art Fair, Godinton House, Ashford, Kent. Jewellery collection, Garret Gallery, Tenterden, Kent. Jewellery collection, Stark Gallery, London and Canterbury. AVA Exhibition at the Grand Hotel, Folkestone, Kent. (Dec). Project Manager for NACRO, Summer arts college Chatham, Kent (Aug). Maidstone Contemporary Art Craft and Design Exhibition. (Dec) Creative project manager for the creative partnership programme in 4 schools. Artist in residence in St Anthony’s SEN School. Margate. Artist in residence in Northdown primary school cliffonville, Margate. Early years pilot project artist in residence on outdoor learning within Gravesham area with four schools.


Maidstone Contemporary, Art Craft and Design Exhibition. (Dec) AVA exhibition at the Grand Folkestone, Kent (Dec) Canterbury Art Fair (Oct) ‘Thought Shower’ AVA Exhibition, library gallery Ashford, Kent. (Sep) Wearable Art Exhibition, West End House Gallery, Smarden, Kent. (Sep). Jewellery Collection at Stark Gallery, London and Canterbury. Artist in residence 3D Sculptural Design for ‘Great Outdoors Project’ , Dover, Kent. (Anne Peaker) (Aug) ‘Greenhouse’ sculptural work at Articulation Gallery Spring Show, Faversham, Kent. Jewellery workshops throughout Kent. CPD for Early years foundation stage (EYFS), Kent. Creative Agent for Change and Enquiry schools for Future Creative. Environmental workshops for Rewards projects for KCC youth workers. ‘Flow’, Creative Partnerships artist Residency, Brunswick House primary school Maidstone, Kent. Artist in residence in Murston primary schools Sittingbourne, Kent. Artist in residence at Dame Janet primary school Ramsgate, Kent.

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